CGaPS will undertake trans-formative research, engage with policy makers and programs, and develop human resources to facilitate gender equitable policies and outcomes in the social political and economic arena.


A society where all citizens especially women and the marginalized, are free to realize their social political and economic potential.


  • Be mindful of the needs and rights of the marginalized and vulnerable especially women
  • Recognize and acknowledge the importance of power dynamics in gender and class relations
  • Participatory and collaborative
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis to the objectives and work of CGaPS
  • Be open to innovation in Seek innovative ways of
  • Maintain integrity, openness and transparency in all its work.

Thematic Areas

  • VAW
  • Economic Inequalities
  • Gender Disparities
  • Promoting collective action and voice of women (political participation)
  • Democracy, governance and citizen participation
  • Gender, Peace and Conflict
  • Socioeconomic and political empowerment of youth
  • Gender and sectors e.g. health/ mental health, higher education, law, environment etc.

Goals (2015-2020)

  1. A vibrant research and advocacy center engaged in trans-formative research and practice, and in collaborative networks to highlight gender inequalities and facilitate gender equitable policies and outcomes in the social political and economic arena.
  2. A dynamic pool of individuals who apply critical thinking and analysis in their work to address socioeconomic and political inequalities.

Services offered: (need to rephrase it as this is what CGaPS expects to do)

A research hub offering technical research advice and services

A dynamic education, training and resource center

  • Certificate short courses on gender, research methods and analysis etc
  • Training on sector specific gender and development skills ( web based/ online and face to face)
  • Training in quantitative and qualitative research methods and programs
  • Online resource Center of relevant publications
  • Fellow ship programs in the CGaPS areas of expertise and focus

Consultancy services