Current Projects

CGaPS launches “Awaz-e-Niswan: National Network of Women Voters undef-logoin Pakistan,” funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

Project Brief

CGaPS desk review suggests that often projects for women voters tend to be restricted to voter education and mobilization around election year and no sustained platform for raising their issues exists.  To address this gap CGaPS has initiated plans to facilitate the formation of a national network of women voters Awaz-e-Niswan (AAN) with the support of the United Nations Democracy Funds (UNDEF) for two years (2016-2017).

CGaPS has partnered with the Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation (OAKDF) for its expertise in citizen accountability and district budget analysis.

Objective is to increase the visibility and influence of women voters and their issues among duty bearers including elected representatives through the formation of a vibrant network of women  voters in 10 districts that will draw attention and resources to priority areas of concern of female voters, and engage with elected representatives and government functionaries.

Implementation modality

CGaPS will work in close collaboration with local women organizations/networks and colleges for women in the 10 districts selected in consultation with women’s organization and activists: 2 districts in each of the four provinces and two in Gilgit Baltistan (GB)

CGaPS and the women organizations will facilitate female college students and community women as leaders for:

  • Sustained voter education and mobilization
  • Formation of local membership based chapters of women voters and registration of AAN as an independent, non-partisan, network.
  • District budgets analysis.
  • Policy advocacy.