CGapS will ground its research in multidisciplinary intellectual approaches, especially feminist approaches, to theorizing, analyzing, evaluating and suggesting policy initiatives.

 CGaPS will draw on public data sets, academic research and administrative data in addition to generating primary data through its own research initiatives. Its research findings will be based on a rigorous analysis using quantitative, qualitative and multi-methods research.
CGaPS research agenda will focus on under-studied areas in the political, economic and social spheres, without limiting itself to a specific sector.

Research Diseemination

The hope and expectation of CGaPS is that state and non-state actors will use its research for policy advocacy and action.

  1. Utilize a range of methods—fact sheets, presentations, research reports, briefings, newsletter — to share its research findings with relevant stakeholders: policymakers, media, advocates and the community.
  2. Be responsive to requests for information and technical assistance from policymakers, the media, nonprofit organizations and national partners and others.