Completed Research Projects

“Women’s Economic Participation and Empowerment in Pakistan”-Status Report (2016)

CGaPS was awarded a competitive grant for the production of the Status Report by UN Women Pakistan in September 2015. It worked in close partnership and consultation with the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) that identifies women’s economic participation and empowerment as one of its priority areas of work, to ensure that the publication serves as a useful baseline and reference to track women’s economic participation in Pakistan. CGaPS undertook rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis of available data, guided by an advisory committee of experts. The study has the following three specific objectives:
i) Provide a baseline for the status of women’s economic participation and empowerment in development and humanitarian contexts using quantitative and qualitative data; ii) Identify the determinants of WEE in the context of Pakistan; and highlight the achievements and challenges of WEE in Pakistan; iii) Develop an index of women’s economic empowerment.
The study has since been published and is available at the following link:

Preparatory work on a national survey – NCSW (2015)

As per its MoU with the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) CGaPS provided technical assistance to NCSW for the preparatory work conceptualizing a national survey that resulted in the final project “Generating Data to Advance Women’s Economic and Social Well-being.”  The DFID/UNFPA supported project will collect data on women’s health, economic activity and violence against women noted to be a key impediment to women’s full participation in the economic sphere as well as the social and political arena.  On behalf of NCSW, CGaPS coordinated the efforts among key stakeholders (governmnet, donor and CSOs) to conceptualize the project until its final approval from the government.  CGaPS provided technical assistance such as review of global VAW survey and indicators; sample size and scope of the survey, preparing the budget etc.  CGaPS continues to be involved as the process moves into the research and instrument design phase of the project.

Standardized Indicators on Violence against Women in Pakistan – NCSW (2014-2015)

Director of CGaPS worked with the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) to conceptualize and execute the development of Pakistan specific indicators of VAW.  The NCSW initiative was funded by the Gender Equity Program (GEP), Aurat Foundation (funded by USAID).  An initial desk review of existing material led to an initial list that was shared with stakeholders and finalized in coordination with a Technical Working Group.  CGaPS facilitated the coordination of the technical working groups, provided inputs to the stakeholder consultations and assisted in the writing and editing of the final publication.

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